Wildlife & Animals


Local Wildlife

Watch the Red Kites as you sit on your deck. As night falls we regularly spot Fallow and Roe Deer settling down for the night. 

Outside your lodge you will discover many local birds as they feed from our bird feeders. Binoculars and guide books can be found in your lodge. 


Horse Friendly Glamping

Come and stay with your own horse, we have fantastic bridleways; we can also supply you with a picnic saddlebag so you can explore and stop off on the way. 

There is a circular ride, which takes you through the picturesque village of Hambleden where you can pop into The Stag and Huntsman for lunch. 

We can also provide hay, a safe place for your belongings and parking for your horse transport.


Our Animals

Our two horses, Harry a large Thoroughbred cross Shire horse and Bobby a retired ex-race horse roam around the fields and are generally hanging around by the gate when guests arrive.

We have two Labradors Kara and Stanley and a Parson Russell Terrier Betty.

Twenty chickens live in the garden and you are welcome to help us collect the eggs every morning.

Lastly Timmy our back and white cat and be found wandering about most evenings.