Puppy adventures into 2021

    17 February 2021

    Introducing Stanley

    Last year at the start of the first lockdown we lost two of our Labradors, one to cancer and the other from old age. Although we missed them and life was very quiet without them we didn’t feel ready to rush out and replace them. We would console ourselves and tell each other that when we do get another puppy we will call him Stanley.

    During the summer we got chatting to the local gamekeeper who mentioned that his sister’s Labrador was going to have puppies. We put our names down for one and he was born on Friday 9th October.  When we went to visit him at 4 weeks they told us he was called Stan. We couldn’t believe that he already had his name. On Saturday 5th December Stanley arrived and he has bought so much love and happiness into our lives, every day he makes us laugh. He keeps us busy with lots of short walks and four meals a day.  When you stay with us you will meet him along with Kara our trusty black Labrador and Betty our cheeky Parson Jack Russell.