Couples Glamping: A Romantic Escape into Nature

09 April 2024

Luxury glamping, a fusion of glamour and camping, offer couples a unique and luxurious way to connect with nature. Imagine cozying up under the stars, surrounded by comfort and tranquillity.

Are you looking for a couples glamping retreat in Buckinghamshire? Read our top tips on how to unwind during your stay at Shillingridge.


Choosing the Perfect Location

Selecting the right glamping spot is crucial. The Chilterns countryside in Buckinghamshire exudes a romantic ambiance with its serene landscapes, rolling hills, and charming scenery. 

Countryside glamping provides an opportunity for couples to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Away from technology and urban distractions, you can reconnect with each other in a peaceful environment. The beauty of nature creates a tranquil setting, fostering a sense of intimacy between couples. 

Shillingridge is situated near the river side town of Marlow, Buckinghamshire and is the ideal spot for couples eating out. Enjoy Michelin star pubs and restaurants, artisan coffee shops and boutique stores. While you are here, why not take a romantic boat trip along the Thames. You can hire your own boat or canoe or join a group river cruise up to the 13th century market town of Henley. Celebrating an occasion? Let us know and we can supply food to your lodge including our delicious local cheese board.


Accommodation Designed for Romance

Our romantic glamping accommodations are tailored for couples. Our safari tents provide a cozy and private atmosphere, ideal for creating lasting memories. Relax and snuggle up on the sumptuous sofa with throws and cushions around your very own fire pit. Watch the sunset and the stars twinkle from your large deck surrounded by beautiful views of the Chiltern hills. 

Experience glamping with luxurious private bathrooms which include gorgeous free standing roll top slipper baths and power showers. The bathrooms are situated at the rear of the lodges and with the door open you can enjoy a unique private woodland bath.


Activities for Two

Glamping offers various activities to enhance the romantic experience. The countryside offers a plethora of outdoor activities, from romantic walks to hiking trails. Talk to us about the local spa experiences and yoga. Engaging in these activities allows couples to share unique experiences, create lasting memories, and deepen your connection. Whether you are looking for a weekend glamping break or a full week, you'll be spoilt for choice.


4 tips for a Memorable Luxury Glamping Experience

  • Plan ahead – be sure to do your research and discover what can be provided on-site and what is happening in the local area
  • Pack essentials for comfort, including wellies, warm socks, slippers and comfortable clothing
  • Arrange a romantic dinner under the stars. Speak to us about our dine in experiences from local suppliers like Absolute Cuisine. You might also like to read our blog on eating out and in
  • Capture the moments with a camera and a journal to reminisce about the trip later.

Couples glamping provides a perfect blend of luxury and nature, offering a unique opportunity for partners to escape the routine and immerse themselves in a romantic adventure.

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